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Industrial air humidity chemical absorber
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Industrial air humidity chemical absorber

Every year thousands of containers shipped by sea are damaged by humidity or moisture problems. When the container arrives in the destination the cargo found to be mold, corrosion, rust, fungus, mildew, and deterioration. It is mainly caused by humidity, cargo sweat and container rain. This problem costs manufacturers, freight forwarders, shipping lines, trading companies, importers, and customers several million dollars.

HUMIABSORBENT help you to protect your valuable cargo from humidity damage by adsorbing, reducing the humidity, and then create dry environment inside cargo container. HUMIABSORBENT is natural absorbent with gelling agent, obtained SGS testing certification, thus the product is effective, safe and friendly environment.

HUMIABSORBENT protect the following commodities :

Agricultural Product : coffee, tea, tobacco, nuts, cocoa, ginger, pepper, flour, rice, seed, etc.
Wooden Products : furniture, timber, etc.
Electrical Products : cable, appliances, toys, etc.
Leather Products : footwear, bags, etc.
Metal Products : sheets, coils, spare part, machinery, furniture, etc
Textiles Products : garments, fabric, etc.

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