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 Melamine Paint
 Melamine Paint
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Specification of

Paint and Coating Wood Super Beck's Melamine

Super Beck's Melamine

Wood Finishing

Cat Wood Melamine. melamine wood

Super Beck's wood finishing melamine

♦ GLOSS & doff

√ Easy Used

√ No Hardener

(Include Mixins)

√ Very Gloss

√ Smoothy

√ No stinging eyes


1. The first Sandpaper to clean

dirt on the surface of the wood,

2. Repair Process (putty etc) function

so that the pores of the wood fiber can be closed.

3. Sandpaper to two to clean

debris from the repair process.

4. Tuning Process (Treated) so that the color

timber becomes more uniform or color.

5. The process of sanding sealer (Painting basis)

so that fibers and pores of the wood is covered.

6. Sandpaper to three to sublimate

wood surface of the sanding sealer.

7. Process Top coat BECK'S SUPER

Melamine (Spray, wipping)

8. sandpaper until smooth and then repeat

top coat process BECK'S SUPER melamine

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