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Maxi Application Brwon
Maxi Application Brwon
Maxi Application Brwon
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Specification of Maxi Application Brwon

Specifications Product :

Maxi Application Brwon
Maxi Brown In Use For Changing Color Teak Wood - Sono - Merbau Being Old And Without Changing Characteristic Color Of Teak Wood - Merbau - Sono .

Advantages Of Using Maxi Brown , Among Others :

Eliminating Pinto And Gubal In Teak Wood - Sono - Merbau

Eliminating Impression Young At Teak Wood - Merbau - Sono

Generated More Colours Solid , Snow And Natural

Improving The Economic Value Of Products Produced

The Process Of Finshing Become Younger And Fast

Highly Suitable For Teak Flooring Products . Garden Furnituredll .


How To Use

Apply / Maxi Brown Brush Evenly Throughout The Surface Of The Wood / Panels

Little Did Emphasis By Using Cloth / Majun

Drain Under Direct Sunlight Over 0.5 - 1 Hour Or

Drain Using Dryer Machine / Dryer Uv Machine

The Color Produced Is Yellow , Yellow Brownish , Brown

Perform As Usual Sanding , Wood Ready For Finishing

Note : Maxi Brown Not Allowed In Or In Dilute With Mixed Materials / Products .




Brown Maxi Keep In A Cool And Protected From Direct Sunlight . Keep Of Fire / Heat . Cover Jerigen Meetings When Not In Use .


Safety Instructions


Directly Responsible Workers This Product Should Wear Long Sleeve Shirt , Mask , Rubber Gloves , Protective Eye Glasses And Shoes . Do Not Eat Drink During Work Using Maxi Brown .

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :